Yuki waving from Switzerland’s highest building.

Yuki has her hands full, literally: On Thursday November 22nd, her circus of lights premiers in Basel. In the inner courtyard of the «Museum der Kulturen Basel», the museum of cultures, right next to on of Switzerland’s largest Christmas market, ILLUMINARIUM opens its doors and will stay until the end of the year. Support for Yuki came from Koroschi. The little mascot of the museum of cultures was integrated into the show designed around Giuseppe Verdi’s «la traviata» by creative director Roman Beranek: «We offer ten fantastic worlds in Basel and Zurich inside an incredible 360° 3D video mapping show. At ILLUMINARIUM, people can chat, enjoy, eat, gaze, and dance, too. It’s a beautiful experience for the entire family, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to bring this magic to Basel.» Since summer, the artist collective Projektil has been busy with preparations for this enterprise that’s magic and gigantic at the same time. «Productions have become much more expensive compared to last year. There’s so much to learn during a premiere year – we look forward to this year’s show even more. With good conscience we can claim that we’re offering the most innovative and the most creative Christmas spectacle there is.»