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Yuki and her spectacular friends have a whole lot to do during the sixth edition of the Illuminarium as well. Before you can indulge in a cozy and relaxing Christmas Eve, you’re in for a pompous, one-of-a-kind concert: Yuki’s Christmas Opera (La Traviata reloaded)!

The «Christmas Opera (La Traviata reloaded)» light show takes place every 45 minutes from 5 pm to 8 pm.


Christmas Opera (La Traviata reloaded)

A heartwarming story about Yuki and her friends who come together to put on a unique concert. With boundless enthusiasm and an abundance of instruments, they demonstrate the power of collaboration and friendship. From the rhythmic beat of drums to the soothing melodies of a flute, each instrument weaves a different thread in the tapestry of their musical masterpiece. The audience will be immersed in a world of creativity and imagination at the enchanting show “Christmas Opera (La Traviata reloaded)” This captivating event is suitable for every ILLUMINARIUM visitor and offers a delightful blend of art, music and modern technology.

This outdoor Christmas story promises an unforgettable experience for families to create lasting memories and revel in the beauty of music and friendship. Bring your loved ones, join Yuki and her friends on this enchanting journey, and let the melodies of joy and togetherness fill the air.

The story from last year “TURBOlente Weihnachten” is still available for purchase on site as a children’s book.

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