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In an international call for submissions, animation studios were invited to send in their own projection show and were given complete artistic freedom.

The successful candidates: within ILLUMINARIUM, five nominees were chosen along with two teams from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts to bring exotic flair to the inner courtyard of the National Museum Zurich this year. As part of an audience competition, spectators will be able to vote for their favourite and choose this year’s Art Festival winners.



Through The Fire To The Light by Holy Photons from Italy

The show is a virtual journey through time into the Anthropocene, illuminating the conflictual relationship between humans and their technology on the one hand, and the power and authority of nature on the other.
The way to save Mother Earth and the human species may lie in a new evolution of human activity to achieve powerful harmony within the ecosystem.

Destin by Jérémy Oury from Fance

This show is an invitation to travel into the future of our universe by building the most beautiful and breathtaking set with 360° projection: our imagination.
Let’s imagine for a moment that we have the opportunity to travel into space. A small group of people, here in the courtyard of the National Museum in Zurich, are chosen to leave Earth and discover the destiny of our universe by embarking on a journey through nebulae and other celestial objects.

Moon Pebbles by Hochschule Luzern from Switzerland

In the vast universe lives a cosmic rabbit who tends the stars every night. But one day, three cheeky stars refuse to decorate the night sky and promptly escape the rabbit. Now he must travel through vast, wondrous worlds to catch them and bring them back home.
Six students from the Animation degree at the Lucerne School of Art & Design invite the audience to join them on a long journey through space. As part of their course, they have been exploring bringing characters and worlds to life using the visual art of classic animation. In collaboration with award-winning composer Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi, the result is a visual as well as an auditory experience.

Grow In The Dark by Decide Kit from Thailand

“Grow In The Dark” There is a hidden light in every darkness. Everything bad has some good in it. Just look more deeply and you can find it. Accept it, appreciate it and keep going. Thank you darkness for bringing out the best in me and enabling a more powerful, joyful and happy life.

“Grow In The Dark” together.

Rage against the Machine by Hochschule Luzern from Switzerland

Five students from the Animation degree at the Lucerne School of Design & Art have joined forces and developed a story as part of their studies. In a world controlled by a higher power, rage against the machine is how we assert our existence.
In the style of an arcade game, the viewer is given a new perspective on a complex premise, finding themselves in a hidden object game full of fantastical machines.

credumPOLAR3 by from Germany

We need to save the Arctic not because of the polar bears, nor because it is the most beautiful place in the world, but because humanity depends on it.

Time After Time by Arash Akbari from Iran

“Time After Time” uses artificial intelligence in its endeavour to transport the façade of the inner courtyard at the National Museum Zurich into the possible past and future of our cities. The show seeks to explore our relationship with nature, our detrimental impact on the earth, and different scenarios we can imagine for the future of cities and human life on earth, from dystopias to utopias to dreams and fantasies.

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